A Guide To Winter Viewing Trips In France

Dreaming of a move to France? Winter viewing trips are highly recommended to make sure it's right for you.

During the winter months the atmosphere will be completely different to the summer months in most parts of France. Experiencing an area in the off-season can be invaluable. In touristy areas you’ll often find restaurants and bars close up during the colder periods, leaving the locally focused restaurants, cafes and bars. You’ll get a chance to find out whether the quiet period is too quiet, or just right for you!

Many Brits already living in France, often prefer the atmosphere and pace of the winter months. While most places will experience the seasons, the south of France delivers year round warmth.

It’s been suggested the French look upon Brits more favourably when viewing properties in the winter months – they are considered to be more committed property buyers. And inquisitive locals are more likely to stop and chat to find out what you are doing in the area at such a time of year. Make sure you check our viewing trip guide and download our property checklist.

Estate Agents

Agents will have the time and incentive to give you their undivided attention, as they are acutely aware that people making winter viewing are more serious buyers in comparison to holiday makers window shopping during the summer months. The agents will provide great insight into the area, amenities and way of life.

Property Bargains

There could be some good opportunities to grab a great deal. You’ll be in a much better position to negotiate price reductions on properties that did not sell during the summer months. With properties in many areas of France already providing great value in comparison to the UK, you are sure to find your dream property at a bargain price.


Surprisingly, easy access to most regions of France by plane during the winter months is still possible. Similarly, the accommodation will be cheaper and as with property prices you should be able to negotiate a great price if you ask.

Driving through France will be quicker and easier, thanks to emptier roads and reduced traffic congestion particularly around tourist resorts. And driving through France’s many beautiful villages can be a joy in itself.

If you are serious about finding a property in France, with a view to using it at any time of year then a winter viewing trip is essential. More so if you fall in love with an area while on holiday, you really need to get an idea of what it is like in the winter months.

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