Buying in Greece? Why you need a lawyer

While a lawyer in Greece is not required by law, buyers are strongly recommended to get help from a lawyer with the property purchase.

An independent Greek lawyer specialising in property is essential to safely buying a property in Greece. Below are some of the key benefits of using a lawyer.

What a lawyer does for you...

  • Act to ensure your interests and rights are secured
  • Ensure you understand each step of the buying process
  • Work to protect you from making serious mistakes
  • Represent you in negotiations
  • Prepare a Power of Attorney document and act as power of attorney on your behalf with your property purchase
  • In collaboration with the notary, your lawyer will prepare the pre-contract and contract
  • Review the pre-contract and contract and represent you at the signing
  • Acting on your behalf, secure a Greek tax number and Greek bank account, required your property purchase
  • Inform you about the property purchase taxes, other purchase expenses, and any tax obligations before and after you have purchased the property
  • If you are a non-EU citizen purchasing a property in borderland areas of Greece, your lawyer can help you get the required special permit to complete the purchase
  • Assess the property deeds lodged with the Land Registry from the current seller to the first registration of the deeds of ownership
  • Ensure there are no encumbrances on the property such as mortgages, claims, sequestrations, rentals, rights-of-way, in general, and any other legal issues
  • Undertake your Golden Visa applications for non-EU citizens purchasing properties 250,000+ Euro properties to get a residency permit
  • For your security, engage a civil engineer to undertake a technical control of the property and issue a certificate that it was built correctly according to the official plans of the building permission
  • Help with the transfer of utility bills to your names

After your purchase, your lawyer is an invaluable expert providing guidance on your ongoing tax obligations and future property use.

Finding a good lawyer in Greece

We can introduce you to highly recommended lawyers that have helped our clients safely buy their properties in Greece. Tell us about your Greek property plans. Tell us about your overseas property plans?

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