Create A Whole New Life In Portugal

If you are interested in creating a new life in Portugal and wondering what kind of business you can do there, here is everything how you need to know. We have created a guide to help ease your transition, create a good lifestyle business, own your property, and live a fulfilling life in Portugal.

Entrepreneurship in its early stages in Portugal, but with the widespread boom of rural tourism across Europe, you have lots of opportunities to enjoy the local culture and build a fantastic business around it. According to the World Tourism Organisation, this trend is moving faster than the tourism industry.

Rural tourism presents an avenue to embrace the culture, natural resources, artisanship, and culture while providing higher economic value for those communities. According to CBI, lots of people, including young and old travellers, are passionate about the moment. Rural Tourism is creating waves of miracles, and you can be a part of the movement.

Embracing the local economy​

Portugal presents a different dimension to this new concept. As one of the most friendly tourist destinations, you will enjoy low living expenses, the warmest winters, fantastic landscapes, beaches, and palaces.

You can take the intense route by joining a wide range of rural tourism businesses ranging from farm experiences like boat farming, corn farming, aromatics, snail production, to grape farming.

If you want to create something similar to your profession, you can also:

  • Build Yoga retreats
  • Organise music or writer’s workshops
  • Create Athletic getaways
  • Design fishing vacation spots
  • Cookery breaks
  • Leisure spots
  • Craft exhibitions and list goes on...

What to Consider when getting involved in Rural Portugal​

Although Portugal is a small country, there are lots of popular tourist destinations owing to its explosive diversity. Wherever and however, you want to build your business; there are diverse ranges of properties suitable for rural tourism businesses. Portugal has different unspoiled countryside attractions. You can help restore something historic, build off-grid, or create an elegant set of facilities. However, you must choose your property by thinking about accessibility. If you take the route away from the typical tourist trails by going inland, you will find lots of affordable features.

You only have to make sure that your ideal property is accessible. This is especially important when you want to attract short-term guests. So buying or restoring a property within easy reach of the airport is a splendid idea. Portugal has three primary airports, including Lisbon, Porto, and Faro. You will also make arrangements for providing transportation for your guests. This shouldn’t be a problem since there are lots of public transport routes and inexpensive to hire cars around the country.

If you would instead build a more secluded spot, depending on the kind of guests you want to attract, make sure you have thought about the transportation involved.

Speak the Language

Before you consider building a business in Portugal, think about understanding the local customs and off course the language. You can always get someone to help with those areas, but it is crucial that you also learn the foundations as soon as possible. These will help get rid of any limitations or unwanted obstacles when joining the local rural tourism.

Check Out These Key Areas

The Inland Algarve

If you want to enjoy the warmest, sunny weathers, then Algarve is the right choice. This beautiful southern coastline is blessed with picture-perfect fishing communities and stunning beaches. You can offer lots of seaside activities for your guests. Guests would also enjoy the short distance from the Faro Airport. If you are considering settling in Algarve, then you can begin your search for properties by exploring the historical features in East Algarve Town of Moncarapacho. This is a fantastic area quite close to the airport while within walking distance from the coastlines.

Central Portugal

You can also embrace diverse regions. Central Portugal has varied historical landmarks such as the pilgrimage destinations of Fatima, historic cities of Coimbra and Tomar, or even the mountains of Serra de Estrela. Some areas are more accessible than others. However, whichever you choose, there are lots of elegant properties on-site and a host of activities you can put together for your guests.

Portugal’s Islands

You can forget about the mainland and settle in the Portuguese Islands. Madeira, Porto Santo, Azores, Ilha da Culatra and Tavira are some of the Islands you can consider. All of these are well-established tourist destinations. Here your guests will appreciate the breath-taking scenery, the mountains, rich heritage, and a climate, most fondly called ‘the eternal spring.’

Overcoming the Legalities

You can build a fantastic business in Portugal. The country has created lots of residency and tax incentives to make it easy for you. For instance, buying a property in Portugal will qualify you for Portugal’s “Golden Visa” scheme. However, you must think about mortgages, accommodation licenses, and the legalities surrounding your new business. A single misstep can lead to steep fines, which may disrupt your business plans. It is, therefore, vital that you seek the services of trusted partners, who can meet your legal needs.

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