Healthcare Insurance Guide

International Healthcare Insurance

International Healthcare Insurance Guide Despite the considerable risk of falling ill overseas, international health insurance is often the last thing people think about when moving overseas. With so many options, working out the right level of coverage can be difficult. This International Healthcare Insurance Guide will help you understand the

Cheapest Golden Visas In Europe

Europe Union Golden Visa Programme

Cheapest Golden Visas In Europe For Brits and non-EU nationals, Golden Visas are becoming increasingly popular routes for relatively unfettered European Union access. The European Union’s Golden Visa immigration programme allows non-EU citizens to get a residency permit or even citizenship for a country by buying a house there, making

Guide to Buying Off-Plan Property Overseas

Off-Plan Overseas Property

Guide to Buying Off-Plan Property Overseas Buying off-plan abroad provides overseas property investors with an opportunity to get great returns or holiday homes at a better price. However, investing in an off-plan property overseas can be a daunting prospect. While additional risk and nightmare stories exist, buying an off-plan property