Property Features

Location: Kissimmee, Florida, USA

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Internal Area: 100 m2

External Area: 0 m2

Introducing Fractional Ownership Investment Opportunity

This stunning resort offers the opportunity to buy a share (or more than 1 share) of a fully furnished villa and enjoy all the benefits of a fully managed resort, located within an exclusive gated community.

As well as being close to the famous theme parks nearby, the resort offers facilities for everyone to enjoy, including the 5,000 sq. ft resort clubhouse that will feature a fitness complex, extending to outside sporting facilities, together with relaxation areas.

A large communal pool and extensive deck area will also be available to villa owners, a beautiful nature reserve is on your doorstep, offering activities from walking trails, kayaking, wildlife spotting through to a historic Pioneer Village, you and your family and friends will never experience a dull moment!

The Fractional Ownership Opportunity

Fractional Ownership is available in either a 4 or 7 bedroom fully furnished villa

Each villa has its own private pool and covered lanai


Double garage space that can be used as a games room

The property pays for itself and is fully managed so you do not need to worry about managing the property yourself, leaving you to enjoy holidays at the property as soon as you arrive

The Fractional Ownership purchase price for the new villas for sale includes all the furniture and closing costs

Fractional Ownership Purchase from just $39,000 USD for a 4-bed villa

Fractional Ownership Purchase from just $53,500 USD for a 7-bed villa

11-year rental assurance (5% 1 year, 7% 10 years)

Assured resale option ( 125% from year 5 and 150% from year 10)

The property pays for itself, Fully managed, worry-free ownership,

Fully managed, worry-free ownership, *Provided 2 of the 4 weeks are included in the rental scheme the costs are covered

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional ownership is a common investment structure for expensive assets including vacation properties.

The fundamental difference between fractional ownership and timeshare is that with fractional ownership the investor owns part of the title rather than units of time, with fractional ownership if the asset increases in value, the value of the shares in the investment does as well.

Fractional ownership means the overall cost of a property is split among a group of owners or users. A person that takes on fractional ownership of a vacation property can make personal use of the space and earn revenue when it is rented out. When the property is rented out for a profit by a fractional owner, it serves as a form of investment property.

Fractional ownership in real estate is typically arranged through a property management company that oversees the regular upkeep of the vacation home.

Fractional ownership allows several unconnected investors to safely combine their resources with a low initial outlay to collectively own a luxury property.

What Makes Fractional Ownership Attractive?

Traditional holiday property ownership may not be easily affordable.

Any costs of ownership are shared.

Fractional ownership offers a safe, legal and fair way to collectively buy a holiday property, share the title deeds, share income that is generated and the time which the property can be used

How Do Owners Share The Rental Allowance?

Owners are ‘tenants in common equal shares’

Where there are 13 memberships, every owner receives 4 weeks each per annum to use or lease back to the management company to generate income

Usage bookings are taken annually each February.

Any weeks that have not been reserved will automatically be entered into the rental scheme.

Memberships can be sold on at any time and members will directly benefit from any capital appreciation of the property

Key Differences between Fractional Ownership and Timeshare

Fractional ownership – each member owns a membership of a company that owns the bricks and mortar and owns the title deed.

Each member benefits from any increase in the value of their property when they sell, they benefit from rental income and from all capital appreciation.

Timeshare gives access to a property, the right to use it for a fixed time each annum. although you are not the owner of the property, maintenance costs remain applicable

Summary of Benefits

• Own a luxury fully managed holiday property at a fraction of the price

• Only a fraction of the financial commitment.

• Only pay for what you would like to use.

• Shared costs.

• Benefit from any capital appreciation.

• Fractional purchases are an asset that can be included in a last Will and Testament and can be legally transferred.

• A great way of creating a mixed portfolio, purchasing in different styles of properties in varied locations.

• Use, rent and sell – flexibility to make the very most of your property

• Tax efficient way to buy, own and sell property

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