Building with income in Caxias. Oeiras, 2014.
Building on plot with 332 m2, deployment area 152 sqm, private patios 180 sqm, gross area 117 sqm and private gross area 688 sqm.
The building with 7 floors, 5 floors for housing, a floor for storage and a technical floor.
The building consists of 8 apartments:
– two 2-bedroom apartments duplex, each with 136 sqm private gross area, 17 sqm gross dependent area, 90 sqm private patio.
– four 2-bedroom apartments, each with 73 sqm gross private area and 16 sqm dependent gross area.
– two 1-bedroom apartments, each with 63 sqm gross private area and dependent gross area 10 sqm.

* Basement
* Elevator
* Balcony
* Built-in Kitchen

Property Features