Project Approved Plot in Grandola

This Project Approved Plot in Grandola is also taking advantage of the unique landscapes of the Peninsula of Tróia.

To fit in perfectly in the landscape there are several projects in different envirenments.

The 96 lots are also spread all over the lake, beach, golf and dunes and range from 1,150 m2 to 2,850 m2 of area.

Villa Details

Also Football Pitch
Tennis Course
Also Golf
Also a Jacuzzi
Swimming Pool
Also a Gym
Children’s park
Also an Elevator

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Setubal offers the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, where it is possible to watch dolphins in the wild also the Arrábida Natural Park. contains species that can only be found in areas near the Mediterranean.

There are also excellent beaches, such as Figueirinha, Galapos and Portinho da Arrábida .

On the other side of the River Sado there is the Tróia peninsula with about 18 kms of beaches and a golf course.


A town (vila) and municipality in Setúbal District in Portugal.

Included in this municipality between the atlantic Ocean and the Sado River is Tróia

Grândola has its own railway station on the main line between Lisbon and Faro.

Administratively, the municipality is divided into four civil parishes

Azinheira dos Barros e São Mamede do Sádão
Grândola e Santa Margarida da Serra