The “Monte” (homestead house) was built in 1965 in 18th century style.
The main house has 980 m2 of covered area, spread over two floors. The leisure and service area is on the ground floor while the eight suites area is on the first floor.
This “Monte” was built with all the luxury finishes and equipment, such as: interior and exterior woods of sucupira, hand-painted wall tiles in the leisure area, floors in all bathrooms in marble, the floors of the leisure areas in waxed brick, and the floors of all the rooms of parquet of waxed holly.
The ground floor connects to the first floor by a staircase whose steps are made of massive blocks of marble.
Throughout the leisure area the ceilings are made up of authentic vaults typical of the region.
The whole house is equipped with a central heating system and in each of the two living rooms, as well as in the main dining room, there are large fireplaces.
Interconnected with the main house there is a patio in whose centre is a large granite fountain which is surrounded by an area of 2240 m2.
In the west wing of the courtyard there are four independent apartments with the following characteristics: 4-room 66.30 m2, 3-room 58.35 m2, 3-room 59.80 m2, 2-room 73.70 m2.
The “Monte” is equipped with internal telephone system, is obviously connected to the national telephone network as well as to the national electricity network, having single and three phase electricity available.
This whole set is in a state of impeccable maintenance.
The buildings are surrounded by 106 hectares of land, with very good quality cork oak that produces about 12,000 arrobas of cork in a 9-year cycle, and 11 hectares of olive grove, some pine and holm.
The water, abundant and of excellent quality, is from its own collection.
This property has huge potential for a family residence and also for a tourist project.

* Patio
* Alarm system
* Guest apartment
* Garden
* Terrace
* Guest toilet
* Balcony
* Fireplace
* Built-in Kitchen

Property Features

  • Garden