In the heart of Sintra we find this stunning property full of history and tradition.
“The Quinta or ‚Casal de Boialvo’ had a Chapel or Hermitage, whose steeple is still visible in the photographs, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, whcih has the curiosity to have been one of the last public chapels of the Patriarchate of Lisbon to be blessed before the earthquake of 1 November 1755, since it was founded by Aires da Cruz, an assistant in Lisbon, who had made a Oratory there, «but considering the usefulness of having a hermitage with a public door in that district», of which he had an erection license on August 12 of 1755 and his cult license by Provision of September 3, 1755.
It was restored by Mr. Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira, owner of this Chapel and the ‚Quinta’, and blessed on June 22, 1878, by the parish priest of Santa Maria and Sao Miguel de Sintra, Father Jose dos Santos Ala, with the celebration of Mass for the soul of Mr. Estanislau Jose Rodrigues Ferreira, died half a year before, brother of the said owner.’ (Rui Manuel Mesquita Mendes)
Unfortunately, a few years ago a fire consumed most of the buildings and now we only have samples of the grandeur that was this beautiful dwelling. Today there is the possibility of recovering all the greatness, developing a project of recovery for a fantastic private enterprise or perhaps a tourist project, where we may experience the nature, charm and history in one of the most idyllic places of Portugal. With 158.000 m2 of land and 1,900 m2 of construction area, the possibilities are tremendous!

* Mountain view

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