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    We plan to retire in a EU country in about 4 years, with us going for full residency. Hopefully, we will have enough money by then!

    We are looking at the usual tourist hotspots for Brits. Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and south of France.

    I’m assuming we will have access to the heathcare systems in any of these countries when we get our residency visa, or whatever it will be called.

    Should we also look at taking out health insurance cover?




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    The answer is “it depends”…on your particular circumstances and the country you are moving to.

    With so much of Europe unified, it is no wonder that expats expect that there is a European system of healthcare. But there is not. Each EU country has a different social security system, including healthcare. Most countries offer universal healthcare through either a socialised medicine or multi-payer system. The standards do vary between countries, but overall the standard is good.

    Many expats despite moving to countries with exceptional public healthcare systems, still choose to take out healthcare insurance to ensure their needs are immediately addressed.

    I’m sure the folks at Overseas Property Forum can help. They helped me source my cover for Greece.


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