How much do property Lawyers charge?

Italy Legal & Visas How much do property Lawyers charge?

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    We are about to organise a viewing trip to Sicily. And working through our checklist of experts to help us.

    + Currency company – account opened with Hawk FX

    + Agents – working with 2 agents who have been really good

    + Lawyer – we have contacted lawyers, but have no idea what costs will be , what they do for the money, how to find a good one?

    Any advice much appreciated!


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    Lawyer’s fees in Italy are usually calculated as a percentage of the purchase price and are typically between 1% – 2% of the property purchase price (plus tax).  The lower the value of the property the higher the percentage.

    Make sure you use an English–speaking Italian property lawyer to assist you with your property purchase in Italy.

    Beware of Agencies that package up lawyer fees into the property costs.

    The lawyer will undertake all the necessary checks on the property and agreements to make sure your interests are served.


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    Hi Ryder,

    I’m looking to buy this year, can you suggest where I can find a good lawyer to help me with my purchase?

    I’m buying in Tuscany


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