Is moving overseas a good idea?

General Buying, Moving, Owning & Living Overseas Is moving overseas a good idea?

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      You see plenty of TV shows talking about the benefits of moving overseas, but is it really good idea?



        Hi Danni,

        I guess the answer is, it depends

        Certainly, a move overseas can offer new opportunities, lifestyles, careers and more. Leave your past behind and maybe reinvent yourself! But there can be a downside – if you have a close family, you may miss them.

        You should ask yourself these key questions;

        • If you move overseas, what will be impact? negatives and positives
        • Is your vision of what it will be like actually achievable? TV programmes don’t really show the down side
        • Why are you moving? A move overseas may not necessarily solve your problems
        • Saying goodbye to family and friends? One of the most common reasons for people returning home!

        I hope these thoughts help you decide whether a move overseas is right for you and you join the thousands that start a new life overseas every year.







        John Riden

          Hi, I recently moved from the Netherlands to Cyprus with my family. I moved because of a better opportunity at work and was afraid that we would not like it but it is just a great place. Yes, there is less civilization but to each his own, also on one forum I was recommended a great site Florify for finding accommodation. I am definitely happy that I decided to move so I advise you to at least try.

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