Property Purchase, what professionals do I need?

Portugal Buying, Moving, Owning & Living Overseas Property Purchase, what professionals do I need?

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    We are newbies to the forum and need some advice on purchasing a property in Portugal.

    My wife and I are looking to move permanently to Portugal in the next 3 years or so. Before then we are looking to buy a holiday home in Portugal to use ourselves and maybe rent out.

    We plan to use the property as an address for our D7 visa application. We already have a Tax Identification number and will be opening a Portugese bank account during our viewing trip later this year.

    Is there a checklist or order of professionals to involve?

    What risks/dangers I should watchout for and are there any tips on how to dealing with them?

    Any advice given would be much appreciated

    Many thanks

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    Hi Veteranpinch,

    Basically, there are 3 professional services that you need.

    A good agent or agents to help you find your dream property. On the whole, most agents are pretty responsive and helpful.

    – should give you good advice areas, not just the properties. There quite a few recommended Agents on Overseas Property Forum or just ask them

    An independent property / visa lawyer who will work only in your interests, including help on navigating the visa application process

    – make sure the plot or building dimensions are not exaggerated, check for financing on the property, rights of access etc and make sure the multitude of other possible risks are checked before you part with any money. I used RSA-LP who were great.

    Finally, a currency transfer specialist. They will help you get more euros for your money and ensure your property costs are protected.

    – Currency people will make sure there are no nasty surprises, like having to find another £5,000 when you need to pay the balance for your property

    Best of luck.


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