Airlines offering more seats and routes to the Costa Del Sol than pre-Covid-19 levels

Great news for property buyers investing in Costa Del Sol. Airlines increase capacity for Summer 2022, highlighting renewed confidence in the region.

According to figures from Malaga airport operator, a clear sign of Costa Del Sol’s renewed popularity, this summer, 50 companies will be providing 16.2 million seats and more routes to Malaga airport. You’ll be spoilt for choice if you are flying out to Costa del Sol for a viewing trip.

Costa del Sol is a spectacular destination that works very well for expats thanks to its good year-round climate, communications network, leisure offering in winter and summer, and solid cultural scene.

Although there is some uncertainty around the Russian invasion of Ukraine and fuel prices if the airlines fly their planned schedule of flights, the summer 2022 flight programme will be almost 4% above 2019 levels. With more than 140 direct flights into Malaga.

With travel restrictions easing and people keen to start travelling again, after effectively two years locked up at home. Furthermore, the airlines believe the war in Ukraine may lead to a change in travel plans to Spain instead of countries closer to Ukraine.

Top of the list of airlines bringing visitors to the region is Ryanair, flying to the Costa del Sol from 79 destinations, 14% above 2019 levels. In second place, low-cost carrier Vueling will be flying from 13 destinations outside Spain. Easyjet plans to provide 2 million seats to Malaga, adding new routes from Copenhagen, Southend and Edinburgh.

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