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Whatever the purpose, you must get the right level of insurance protection. So you have peace of mind that when a problem arises, it is in the right hands and being dealt with quickly, efficiently and in the right way.

As an owner of a holiday home or second home, you need to consider many aspects of an insurance policy. Homes are subject to all kinds of risks, from theft to accidental damage.

It is essential you use an insurance company specialising in overseas property to ensure you get that policy designed for overseas homes. For example, holiday homes might be unoccupied for extended periods, so you will need to make sure your home is still protected even when you are not there. Similarly, you may need the option to be able to let out your home for holiday rentals.

And if you plan to rent out your property, then you might need to consider public liability cover too, which covers you for damages if a guest suffers personal injury or property damage while staying in your property.

These are just a few of the considerations. We can connect you with leading overseas property insurance specialists, who will help you get the right cover for you. Simply complete the form opposite.

Making sure you have adequate health insurance cover should be at the top of your priorities when planning a move abroad. Surprising, there are a number of affordable plans.

Healthcare systems vary across the world. Some countries such as Spain, have state-run healthcare similar to the UK’s National Health Service, which becomes available to you if you make national insurance contributions in that country. Some countries expect you to contribute to all or part of the cost of your healthcare.

Remember foreign nationals don’t have automatic access to free of subsidised healthcare systems. And you may need to have permanent residency, which is why many opt for international healthcare cover. Or simply to ensure they skip the waiting list and have some privacy.

There are a multitude of policy options, for example, some providers allow you to extend your policy to include cover for dental, cancer. maternity and even repatriation if you prefer to return home for treatment. Here are some common cover profiles;


      • Expert help for first-time movers, navigating local healthcare systems
      • Additional healthcare cover on top of the local healthcare systems
      • Tailored cover for seasonal business travellers
      • Affordable healthcare cover with predictable monthly billing


Make sure you have the right healthcare cover, complete the form opposite and we will put you in touch with Healthcare cover experts.

Good pet insurance cover will give you the peace of mind, knowing that if something does happen to your cherished pet that you will not have to worry about finding the funds for their treatment and recovery. Statistics suggest one in three pets need medical treatment each year, so it is essential you insure your pet.

When deciding on a policy, you should also look beyond cover for medical expenses. For example, costs relating to accidental death, theft, straying and boarding fees.

If you are struggling to find adequate information about good pet insurance policies, we can connect your with recommended pet insurance providers. Complete the form opposite.

When moving abroad, one of the most important types of insurance considered by many is international car insurance. The majority of standard insurance policies will not cover your vehicle overseas for extended periods, it is therefore essential that you purchase a car insurance policy that delivers coverage for the entire time you are abroad.

Expert help will guide you through the choices and help you understand the local regulations. For example, the two key cover choices are local or international insurance cover provider. However, it may be possible to purchase primary liability cover locally and obtain excess liability cover from an international insurer.

We can recommend expert insurance providers who will help you understand fully the options available. Complete the form opposite.

Already have life insurance policy through a major insurance provider? You may not have to change anything, just notify them of a change in address. You’ll still need to check if there are any limitations to your policy.

If you don’t have a life insurance policy, but intend to purchase one it might be worth considering buying from a UK provider before you relocate (making sure the policy covers you wherever in the world you plan to live). UK insurance providers are required to operate to specific regulatory standards that safeguard you. Those safeguards are not necessarily in place in other countries – something to check.

However, there are reputable and trusted insurance companies worldwide. So if you do decide to buy international life insurance down the line after you have relocated, just make sure you use a company with a good reputation and of excellent financial standing.

An experienced international insurance consultant can help you make the right decision. For more advice and information on obtaining life insurance while living overseas complete the form opposite.

Whilst not a legal requirement in many countries, having appropriate marine insurance makes financial sense. It protects your capital investment against loss or damage resulting in a costly repair bill. Also, it protects you against any third-party liability for injury or damage caused by you or your boat. And finally, marine mortgage companies make adequate cover a condition of their lending.

Standard cover normally includes; Accidental damage (including fire), theft, sinking, malicious damage, stranding, collisions and salvage, engines, lifting and launching risks, loss or damage caused by latent defects, frost damage, personal affects, protection for you or authorised person against claims by third parties for death, injury or damage while using your boat. Also, for an additional premium you can get mast and rigging whilst racing.

For more information on getting the right cover for your boat, super yacht, catamaran, chart boat, commercial boat or jet ski, complete the form opposite.

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