Independent Legal Advice

Acting only in your interests the right legal advice will help you avoid your dream property purchase being a nightmare.

It is critical that your have independent legal advice in any undertaking overseas, especially property. Your independent legal adviser will ensure you understand everything you need to know and act only your behalf. We can help you find the right legal advice, whether you are buying a property, selling a property or setting up a business.

Always use an independent lawyer

The vast majority of problems can generally be avoided by getting the right independent legal advice. It might be an extra cost, but their help should give you invaluable peace of mind that you have someone helping you avoid possible financial losses further on down the line. Don’t decide not to use one because you want to save money or it has been difficult finding one.

Your agent or developer may be a great source of information, but they are working on behalf of the seller. An independent lawyer will act to protect your interests and will not be working with the agent or developer.

Your independent legal adviser will guide you through the whole legal process, doing all the necessary due diligence for you, ensure your property purchase delivers on what you have agreed. They’ll do searches on the land, property and planning permissions as well as checking if there are any debts or encumbrances. For example, in some countries such as Spain, mortgage debt can be attached to the property, so passed to the buyer.

You should never sign a sales contract for a property or mortgage without it being checked by your independent legal adviser. And should get in touch with a lawyer early on, giving them the opportunity to provide some guidance on the whole process.

Your legal adviser should:

  • Have experience advising international clients
  • Expert and experienced in property purchases
  • Fluent in your language. You need to be able to understand them
  • Truly independent - not connected to the agent, developer or seller
  • Have Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover any issues with their advice
  • Registered legal adviser with the right governing bodies

We can help you find a reputable independent lawyer that will be registered, insured, and will be fluent in your language as well as the local language.