Top Tips for Retiring to Spain

Dreaming of retiring to Spain, these essential top tips will help you make your Spanish retirement a success

Whether you have just started planning or about to leave, there is a lot to consider, adequate healthcare cover, financial security and, of course, where to retire! So, let’s get started…

1. Plan Ahead

It is essential to future proof your retirement. For example, at some point in your retirement, your trips to a medical facility might be more frequent, living the dream off-grid in a remote location might sound great now, but in 20 years’ time, it might be a problem.

2. Get Good Tax Advice

Tax systems in any country can be complicated, ensuring your financial arrangements are set up in a way that optimises your tax exposures in the UK, and Spain will require specialist tax advice. A good accountant will guide you through the Spanish taxation system.

3. Don’t go too far off the beaten track

You will be surprised by how much you miss when you leave the UK for Spain. Your grandchildren will make regular visits to you in Spain at some point, so make sure you are within reach of an international airport and possibly the beach or a waterpark. Southern Spain and the Costas ticks these boxes.

4. Healthcare

If you are retiring, you will want to make sure you have more than basic cover – healthcare and medical insurance, and you will need to source adequate cover as soon as possible. Some insurers can refuse cover unless they’ve received payments into the policy for an extended period.

With Brexit coming to an end 31 December 2020, reciprocal healthcare arrangements will end too so it is important that you make alternative healthcare arrangements.

5. A new way of life

A different pace of life to the UK can be difficult to get used to, but remember that was one of the reasons for retiring to Spain. You will soon get accustomed to long lunches and siestas.

6. Make a will

Making a will is one of the most important tips on this list. In addition to your UK will, covering your assets in the UK, you will also need to make sure you have a local will, that covers all your assets in Spain. Inheritance laws differ to UK laws, save your family the stress of sorting out your estate after you pass away, get your will completed.

7. Try to learn Spanish!

Learning Spanish will help you better appreciate the local culture and customs, meet more people, and increase the possibility of making new friends as locals see your commitment to making Spain your new home. And impress family and friends when they visit.

8. Try before you buy

Visiting the resort during the summer months and even a brief stay over the winter can give you some insight into what it will be like. However, we recommend that you rent accommodation to make sure the area and the lifestyle are for you, before committing to the purchase of a property.Careful planning and the right guidance will ensure your retirement to Spain will be a success.

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