Best Places To Buy Property In France

France is an excellent place to live or retire. France has it all - beautiful seaside towns, historic villages, mountains, or city living. And whatever your budget, luxury lifestyle or affordable living, France will meet your needs. The choices will spoil you.

France is a modern country with a well-developed public transport network and infrastructure. Healthcare in France is one of the best in the world. Yet France has retained its charm. You can still visit a local bakery in the morning, and everything closes at lunchtime. Here are our top suggestions of where to buy in France.


Forming the southwestern corner of France, bordering Spain and the Atlantic, this beautiful region of France offers so much – great water sports and sailing, wildlife, a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by vineyards, and the longest beaches in Europe. Thousands of vineyards surround the region’s capital, Bordeaux.

International access to the region is easy thanks to a non-stop flight programme from many countries, including the UK, with an extensive programme from London and Manchester.

Bordeaux and surrounding areas are a great place to buy real estate in France. It is possible to rent out a property year-round thanks to the global popularity of this incredible location. There is a steady stream of tourists almost every month of the year.


France’s northwesternmost region, Brittany, is a hilly peninsula with a rugged coastline dotted with beach resorts such as fashionable Dinard and famous Saint-Malo, built on a rock in the English Channel. Brittany’s proximity to the UK has made the region a popular choice for relocating Brits.

Thanks to a substantial international flight programme of airlines flying into nearby Nantes, the region is easily accessed. Brits can also access the region via Brittany Ferries, whose routes are Plymouth to Roscoff and Portsmouth to St-Malo.

Property prices have been stable, and there are plenty of properties on sale to meet any requirement and budget. Many prefer to buy properties in the countryside to escape the summer crowds, which is very easy as nowhere in Brittany is more than 40 miles from the coast. The main types of properties available in the region are – Breton’ Longère’ (a traditional single-story long house), Neo-Breton House, Fisherman’s Cottage, and ‘Chaumière’ (thatched cottage).

Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy

Just across the channel from the UK, with a climate similar to the south of England, this region is popular with Brits. It is an ideal location for regular weekend breaks and trips down to Paris and the rest of northern France.

The locals in Nord-Pas-de-Calais are welcoming, which is reflected by the many events regularly taking place, such as the Braderie de Lille. Nord-Pas-de-Calais has traditions held since ages, long sandy beaches and unspoilt nature.

Picardy is of particular interest to buyers looking for areas rich in history and culture. Picardy is well known for its rolling valleys, lush meadows, and woodlands.

The main types of properties are brick properties, Longères (long farmhouses), Half-timbered houses and farmhouses.


Burgundy is a historical region in east-central France, widely known for its top-class gastronomy and excellent wines. The area is dotted with grand châteaux. The capital, Dijon, is home to the Grand Palace of the Dukes. Culturally, gastronomically, and economically Burgundy is the richest province of France.

Property choices in Burgundy are also very rich and varied. You will be able to find houses for sale in Burgundy to suit all tastes. The region has some of the most delightful old housing stock in France. It is no surprise that international buyers have been buying period properties for decades. Burgundy’s main types of properties are traditional farmhouses, Village and townhouses, winegrowers’ houses, Burgundian-roofed properties, Châteaux and Manoirs.


Pays de la Loire is a region in western France that includes part of the Loire Valley, famous for its vineyards and unspoilt sandy beaches on the Atlantic Coast. A diverse culture and landscapes mean there is something for everyone! Pays de la Loire enjoys a year-round temperate microclimate with relatively pleasantly warm temperatures and generally mild winters.

The region is well served by direct international flights to Nantes, Angers and La Rochelle. Also, UK buyers can access the region via cross-channel services into Normandy and Brittany and a drive south to Pays de la Loire without an overnight stop.

Property prices and styles vary across the region, from renovation projects to beautiful châteaux. Prices get higher as you get closer to the coast. However, many areas offer bargain properties with properties, often including sizeable gardens, as land is relatively cheap. You can expect rental income almost immediately if you wish to rent out your property, thanks to Pays de la Loire’s popularity with holidaymakers.


Languedoc-Roussillon (often referred to as “the Languedoc”) sits on the southern Mediterranean coast of France, between Provence and the border with Spain. The region offers so much variety – mountains, sea, various landscapes, and a mild and sunny climate. The region has managed to avoid mass tourism and has become very popular with property buyers and holidays looking for a relaxed atmosphere.

Languedoc is consistently a popular choice for international buyers looking for residential and holiday homes. Thanks to the high demand for rental properties, a property purchase in Languedoc is a good investment. Similarly, the properties in Languedoc-Roussillon are as varied as the landscapes. The main styles are – Townhouses, Villas, Wine Grower’s Houses and Gîte businesses.

Cote d’Azur – French Riviera

Known in the UK as “The French Riviera”, Cote d’Azur is on France’s southeastern coast along the Mediterranean. The region offers a fantastic combination of ski resorts, golden beaches and dramatic coastlines.

Considerably milder winters and gloriously hot summers coupled with a Mediterranean jet-set lifestyle are just some of the reasons behind Cote d’Azur being one of the country’s most expensive regions. Nice international airport is one of the busiest airports in France, with direct flights from 32 countries.

The region has an excellent rental market thanks to summer holiday tourists and international events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival.

There is a huge choice of chalets and ski apartments in the mountains above the coastal areas. You will find a wide selection of multi-million-pound villas and sea view studios on the coast. Further inland in the rural villages, it is possible to find a more typical range of properties and more reasonable prices. The main types of properties available are – Apartments, Villas and characterful Mas and Provençal Bastide stone properties.

Help Finding Your Dream Property In France

The above list of popular regions in France provides a starting point. However, before you start looking at destinations, it is essential to consider why you are looking to buy a property in France and how you intend to use the property. These preferences and needs will guide your decision making on where to buy.

We are here to help you find your dream property in France. Tell us about your requirements?

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