Moving Overseas with Pets

When you decide to move overseas, safely taking your beloved pet with you can be difficult. With good research and the right help, your pets can start a new life overseas with you.

Moving overseas with pets can add extra stress to your big move overseas. There are many things to consider, such as finding out whether your pet will even be allowed to enter. With help of our pet transport partners, we have put together this handy guide on crucial considerations and factors when moving overseas with a pet.

Pet Welfare

While your pet may be an essential member of the family, you also need to consider the welfare of your pet. A move to a new country will expose them to stress. Some pets may suffer in countries with hotter climates, particularly in the summer. Consult your vet and pet relocation specialist to help you make the right decision for your pet.

Entry Requirements

You will need to determine whether your pet will be allowed into your new country. Generally, dogs and cats are accepted in most countries. But many countries still consider some dog breeds dangerous, and some have restrictions on certain cat breeds.

Animal Health Certificate (AHC)

Top of the list is an Animal Health Certificate. Your vet should issue you an Animal Health Certificate. The certificate should be issued no more than ten days before your planned travel date. For your dog, cat or ferret, the vet will also ensure it has a microchip, rabies vaccination and tapeworm treatment. They also make sure the pet is fit to travel. Your vet can also guide you on the best way to transport your pet.

Pet Passport

Your vet will issue you a blue pet passport that your pet can use for travel within EU member states. Many other countries around the world now request a pet passport. Due to Brexit, UK citizens will have to get an EU pet passport for their pets from a vet once they have arrived in the EU country.

Currently, under the EU Pet Passport scheme, only dogs, cats and ferrets can obtain a passport. If you intend to move a bird, rabbit or something more exotic, you will need alternative documentation. A pet transport specialist will help with the paperwork.

Transporting Your Pets

For most of us, pets are considered a much-loved family member. We want to ensure they are properly cared for while being moved, so their journey is stress-free.

The easiest option is travelling by car to your new home overseas. If you are taking a route which involves a ferry or other service (e.g. Eurotunnel), you should advise the company that pets will be travelling with you.

Travelling by air is much more complicated and expensive as the airlines have many rules, regulations and restrictions. Before booking your flights, check which airline is the best option for your pet to ensure their journey is as stress-free as possible.

A pet transport specialist will provide the essential help you need to transport your pets safely. Before deciding which company to use, you should get quotes from multiple companies. Also, speak with other pet owners about their experiences with these companies. You will better understand how the pets are transported and what they do to reduce the stress on your pet.

While it is impossible to guarantee your pet’s journey is stress-free, you can take steps to reduce stress for your pet, such as adding their favourite blanket to the crate. Use special sprays during travel and in your new home, which have natural pheromones to help calm your pet.

Pet Travel Insurance

Essential for covering injuries, illnesses, medications, surgeries etc., you need to check your insurance provider’s policy to avoid any nasty surprises.

For more information on pet insurance providers contact the OPF team.

Returning To Your Home Country

Although you intend to move overseas permanently, we advise that you consider the possibility of returning home. Your home country may have specific re-entry requirements. For example, the UK requires a rabies vaccination, a pet passport, micro-chipped and if a dog treatment for tapeworm.

Always Get Advice

The well-being of your pets should be a critical factor in any decision to move abroad, and you should get advice and guidance from your vet, pet transport specialists, and pet owners before making any decisions. We can connect you with highly recommended pet transport specialists. Tell us about your plans to move overseas?

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