25 Great Reasons to Move to Cyprus

The country’s thriving expat community is a testament to why Cyprus is considered one of the most desirable locations in the world for expats.

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, is located southeast of Greece and south of Turkey. The island offers a great combination of fantastic beaches, cultural traditions and sensational places to visit.

Whether you have been captivated by Cyprus while on holiday or heard about Cyprus being the perfect place to live, you probably still have questions about whether Cyprus suits you. Here are some of the top reasons why you should move to Cyprus.

  • Fantastic Weather
    Cyprus is blessed with long summers and mild winters. You can expect over 300 days of sun a year. Summers are dry, and when it does rain, it is mainly in the winter
  • Relaxed lifestyle
    Compared to the UK, the pace of life in Cyprus is much more laid-back. Stores close early, and things get done with a general lack of urgency
  • Good job opportunities
    many large multinationals decided to base their business in Cyprus due to the low tax rates, resulting in new job opportunities for expats looking to move to Cyprus. Similarly, Cyprus provides a business-friendly environment that has encouraged many expats to start successful businesses
  • A safe place to live
    Whether a retiree or a young family, you can move to Cyprus knowing your family will be safe and secure. Cyprus enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Notably, reported violent crime is very low in Cyprus
  • Drive on the left
    Cyprus follows the UK with right-hand drive and similar traffic rules to the UK. If you decide to ship your car to Cyprus, you will find the process easy and cost-effective
  • Less crowded
    Despite Cyprus being an island, there is plenty of space. Cyprus has a population under 1m, and most of the population lives in just five residential areas
  • English widely spoken
    While learning Greek will be advantageous, it certainly won’t be a barrier to enjoying life in Cyprus as the majority of people in Cyprus speak English
  • High Education Standards
    While learning Greek will be advantageous, it certainly won’t be a barrier to enjoying life in Cyprus as the majority of people in Cyprus speak English
  • Low pollution level
    There is hardly any heavy industry on the island. You will discover cleaner air, land and water
  • Low cost of living
    Cyprus enjoys a much lower cost of living compared to the UK and many other European countries. You can expect a higher standard of living on a modest budget
  • Tax benefits
    Cyprus has lower taxes compared to many other European countries; no inheritance tax, low corporation tax and limited capital gains tax
  • Easy and cost-effective
    Thanks to so many people moving to Cyprus, there are lots of services delivered by experienced experts ready to help make the whole process safe, secure and easier for you
  • Reasonable property prices
    It is possible to find great bargains, but you will have to be quick as demand for Cyprus properties is growing thanks to government incentives providing the option to get residency with your property purchase
  • Excellent Healthcare
    Standards of public healthcare in Cyprus are equal to international standards. The National Healthcare System provides free basic medical care to permanent residents and free emergency care to all. Similarly, private healthcare in Cyprus is one of the best in Europe
  • Transport infrastructure
    The island’s public bus network connects rural areas to all cities in Cyprus
  • Communications infrastructure
    Cyprus has well-developed telecommunications and internet infrastructure that provides fast internet in most areas of Cyprus
  • Spectacular natural landscapes
    You will discover fantastic landscapes throughout the island, ready for you to explore
  • Fantastic Beaches
    You are spoilt for choice. The most famous are Fig Tree Bay, Coral bay, and Blue Lagoon Akamas
  • Fresh local produce
    You will find a fantastic variety of fresh local produce anywhere on the island. Fresh fish and local in-season ingredients are the norm when eating out
  • Family-oriented and child-friendly
    Family and community is a key aspect of Cypriot life, and as such, Cypriots will make an effort to welcome children in any setting
  • Expat communities
    getting settled will be easier with the help of the large expat communities in Cyprus, ready to provide support and guidance
  • Popular holiday choice
    relatives are more likely to visit you if you live in a popular holiday destination
  • Diverse and ancient history
    Cyprus has many historical sites, some dating back 9000 years. Since then, the island has been owned by many other countries. One of them is the Tomb of the Kings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Outdoor Activities
    you will discover a huge choice of outdoor activities on land and water. Popular pastimes include rambling, scuba diving, and windsurfing
  • Longer life expectancy
    The relaxed lifestyle, low pollution levels, fresh healthy food, excellent climate, and quality healthcare are behind the long-life expectancy of Cypriot citizens – within the top five of EU countries

Considering a move to Cyprus?

Hopefully, we have shown you that Cyprus is a fantastic destination for those looking to start a new life overseas, whether a retiree, family or young professional. The large and established expat community will help make your move to Cyprus a success. Not convinced? Take a look at the latest hot properties in Cyprus.

For help and more information on moving to Cyprus, contact the Overseas Property Team.

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