A Guide to Lagos - Algarvean Paradise

Lagos is fast becoming an expat magnet. This laid-back town attracts people from all walks of life. Lagos combines nature, culture, history, and excellent cuisine with a warm welcome.

Where is Lagos?

Lagos is a city and municipality at the mouth of the Bensafrim River on the western part of Portugal’s south coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. It sits between metropolitan Portimão to the east and the natural parks of Sagres and Aljezur to the west.

This proud city with a rich maritime history more than 2000 years old has managed to retain its charm with cobbled streets, chic shops, terraces, and a cosmopolitan feel. When choosing where to buy in Lagos, you will be spoilt for choice – tranquil locations, secluded hideaways, and the lively centre.

Why Lagos?

Excellent weather all year round is just one reason Lagos is growing in popularity with expats, digital nomads, freelancers, and creatives. Here are our top reasons Lagos is a popular destination for expats worldwide.

Stunning Coastline, Hidden Coves & Pristine Beaches

Lagos is blessed with four amazing beaches within walking distance of the historic centre of Lagos (Praia Dona Ana, Praia da Batata, Meia Praia, and Praia do Camilo). Dona Ana beach was voted “The best beach in Portugal” by TripAdvisor.

Quality of life

A key motivation behind expats moving to Portugal is the fantastic quality of life. In fact, Portugal is often ranked in the top 10 countries for the best quality of life. And Lagos, in particular, is a terrific place to live, particularly if you appreciate a lifestyle that involves the beach. The town provides a particularly friendly environment for digital nomads with a great choice of co-living spaces and comfy cafes ideal for remote working.


Lagos provides access to well-developed facilities usually associated with bigger cities, without the intensity of big cities. Lagos has excellent public transport infrastructure; it is easy to access other parts of the Algarve with a car. The main international airport is just 90 km away, about an hour’s drive. The smaller Portimão Airport only offers a few short flights within Portugal. Similarly, there is excellent access to healthcare, private or public.

Tax Benefits

Legal residents can take advantage of many tax benefits, such as the Non-Habitual Residence scheme, providing tax relief for up to 10 years. If you are a digital nomad receiving income from digital currencies, your proceeds are not taxable.

Cost of living

Despite Lagos being a significant tourist location, the cost of living is considerably lower than in many European cities. For example, restaurant prices are 40% lower, and grocery prices are 30% lower than in London, according to Numbeo.


According to the Global Peace Index 2021, Portugal is ranked one of the safest countries in the world. Similarly, Lagos is peaceful, thanks to its welcoming and friendly locals. In fact, violent crimes in the area are practically negligible. Even natural disasters are nothing to worry about.

Property Market

The Algarve is generally more expensive than more rural areas of Portugal. However, from an investment perspective, Lagos is a good investment that offers good capital growth and good rental potential.

Lagos provides a great choice, from affordable houses to luxury villas. The more populated areas of Lagos are by the coast. Go further inland, and you will discover the peace and quiet of the region.

Help finding your dream property in Lagos

For first-timers finding your dream property can be overwhelming. Help is available from the team at Overseas Property Forum and our network of experts. Let us help make your dream of a place in Portugal a reality, tell us about your Portugal property dream.

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