Top 3 places to live in the South of France

International buyers have been drawn to the South of France for many reasons - including 300 days a year of sunshine, a warm and cultural way of life that delivers a complete lifestyle change

Here are the three areas in the South of France that have long been the most popular places for international property buyers – Provence, French Riviera and Languedoc Roussillon (Occitanie).


Beautiful Provence is not only known for its historical and cultural heritage but also for some of the best year-round weather in France and breathtaking landscapes. Expats moving to this area of France will discover a relaxed lifestyle, unparalleled cuisine and delicious wines under blue skies.

Because there are so many different landscape settings, you will also find various property styles in Provence – traditional stone houses in the countryside and townhouses in the city areas. Provence has something for everyone. Whether a luxury villa or fantastic apartment, you will find properties to meet most budgets.

However, as the area’s popularity has grown, there is now less wiggle room when negotiating the price than before the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, a shrinking pool of properties and a recent ruling by the European and French courts declaring that those with homes in France are required to pay a 7.5% instead of a 17.2% social charge (prélèvements sociaux) when renting or selling their property has also impacted demand.

Languedoc Roussillon

Languedoc-Roussillon (often referred to as “the Languedoc”) is a historical coastal area of southern France, extending from Provence to the Pyrenees Mountains and France’s border with Spain. Languedoc is home to some of the most diverse landscapes of France – beaches, vineyards and mountains. The climate is similar to Provence, mild winters and hot summers.

Languedoc Roussillon is an excellent location for overseas property. Languedoc is less touristy than other parts of the South of France. Languedoc Roussillon enjoys a calmer pace of life. You’ll find “undiscovered” towns and villages hidden away from the buzz of tourists. Yet there are many international airports within easy reach.

International buyers will discover a varied selection of overseas properties – newly developed properties to traditional properties. You can choose from modern luxury villas with stunning views of the Mediterranean, picturesque 13th-century village stonehouses, vineyards and beach houses. Village houses made from stone with plenty of character make perfect holiday homes, as they are easy to rent.

Languedoc Roussillon - South of France

French Riviera

The French Riviera has long been famous for its exceptional climate, excellent cuisine, the Mediterranean lifestyle, and glitz and glamour. The French Riviera is home to spectacular coastlines and world-famous resorts – Cannes, Saint Tropez and more.

Travel inland and discover medieval villages, picturesque green valleys and mountain resorts. In fact, at the right time of year, it’s possible to enjoy a morning of skiing in the Alps and go for a swim in the Med after lunch. The Riviera has excellent international access thanks to Nice international airport and regular high-speed rail services.

Foreigners already own a substantial percentage of homes, and market forecasts suggest the French Riviera will be a buyer’s market in 2022 and for many years to come due to several external economic and geopolitical factors.

French Riviera - South of France

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