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      Hi forum folks,

      We are looking to buy in the Apulia region of Italy. What we have in mind will require a small mortgage.

      How easy is it to get a mortgage and what is the process in Italy?

      Thanks in advance



        It is possible for foreigners to get a mortgage in Italy for Italian properties. This can include the purchase and refurbishiment costs.

        However, in the last few years Italian banks have tightened up the mortgage lending policies for foreigners.

        Mortgages for foreign buyers are only available for residential properties, covering property purchases, renovation projects, or new builds. And you must be a residential buyer.

        FYI. If the existing owner has mortgage on the property. You could assume take on the mortgage at no cost and with no fee. But you will need a good legal expert to check the mortgage terms. You could make some considerable savings.

        It’s important you get expert help to improve your chances of success



          Italian banks lend up to 60% of the purchase price.
          Residents, non residents and non Italian buyers can all get a mortgage.


          Ugo Vagniluca

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            Ugo Vagniluca

              for non italian peoples interested in Mortgage in Italy to buy , buy and restore , restore only , italian propertyes , or subrogate an old italian mortgage , the LTV is 50% of the property commercial value ,   and the monthly interest  rate updating , provided by me , can to find at following link


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