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Independent Legal Advice Acting only in your interests the right legal advice will help you avoid your dream property purchase being a nightmare. It is critical that your have independent legal advice in any undertaking overseas, especially property. Your independent legal adviser will ensure you understand everything you need to

Silvia Miraglia


Avvocato Silvia Miraglia Avv. Silvia Miraglia is a fully qualified lawyer, registered with the Italian Bar, with extensive experience in advising both domestic and overseas investors on real estate transactions and on national and cross-border inheritance matters. Services: Real Estate Law, Succession Law, Residential & Commercial Acquisitions – Investor Visa

Cheapest Golden Visas In Europe

Europe Union Golden Visa Programme

Cheapest Golden Visas In Europe For Brits and non-EU nationals, Golden Visas are becoming increasingly popular routes for relatively unfettered European Union access. The European Union’s Golden Visa immigration programme allows non-EU citizens to get a residency permit or even citizenship for a country by buying a house there, making