Malta Luxury Property Guide

Malta Harbour

Malta Luxury Property Guide The luxury property market in Malta is impressively robust and remains among the top-performing housing markets in the world. Consistent capital growth, complemented by living standards and a warm year-round Mediterranean climate, fuel its popularity. The Maltese property market has been relatively steady thanks to active

Cheapest Golden Visas In Europe

Europe Union Golden Visa Programme

Cheapest Golden Visas In Europe For Brits and non-EU nationals, Golden Visas are becoming increasingly popular routes for relatively unfettered European Union access. The European Union’s Golden Visa immigration programme allows non-EU citizens to get a residency permit or even citizenship for a country by buying a house there, making

Most Affordable Places To Buy Property In Malta

Malta Fishing Boats

Most Affordable Places To Buy Property In Malta Malta’s warm Mediterranean climate, high living standards and fresh, delicious seafood, make this beautiful island archipelago a popular spot for British retirees, as well as expats looking to work and play in the sun. Both EU and Non-EU citizens can buy property