A Guide To Sotogrande - Pearl of Cadiz

Created in the 1960’s Sotogrande has become one of the top upmarket residential resorts in Europe, if not the world.

Sotogrande is the largest privately owned residential development in Andalusia, Spain. Originally a gated community, it’s located in the municipality of San Roque. This highly sort after destination attracts owners and tourists from around the world.

Why Sotogrande?

Sotogrande is a natural paradise with excellent infrastructure and the best possible weather. Sotogrande is a great location for families and retirees to feel safe and protected. If you are looking for a place that delivers a sportier and generally healthier lifestyle, then Sotogrande is the perfect destination for you. There are hundreds more reasons to buy in Sotogrande. Here are a few.

Weather, Landscape & Beaches

Sotogrande has it all, 300 days of sunshine a year, fantastic landscapes that include stunning mountains, rolling hills, cork oak forests, and a scenic coastline onto the Mediterranean Sea.

Sotogrande’s beaches are among the best in Europe and the quietest on the Costa del Sol, even during peak season.


Numerous sports are easily accessible in Sotogrande. It’s a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, an excellent location for golfers, top equestrian centres, and is considered the best polo destination in Europe. Although house prices and amenities are highly priced, eating well is relatively inexpensive.

Security & Privacy

The entire resort of Sotogrande has 24-hour security services with teams of regular patrols to ensure resident safety. Furthermore, several developments in Sotogrande are gated, giving additional peace of mind.

Privacy is one of the main reasons why so many choose Sotogrande over other parts of Costa del Sol. Even during the height of summer, well-known residents and holidaymakers can enjoy themselves without intrusion.

International Access

Residents of Sotogrande have a choice of 3 international airports: Gibraltar (half an hour drive), Jerez (just over an hour’s drive) and Malaga (around an hour).

International Schools

Sotogrande is home to one of the best-ranked English-speaking schools in Spain, Sotogrande International School, attended by children from more than 40 different nationalities.

Excellent Infrastructure

Residents in Sotogrande and the Costa del Sol generally have access to an excellent choice of private healthcare – clinics, surgeries and hospitals.

Visas / Residency Permits

The paperwork to make Sotogrande your permanent home is relatively straightforward. Buying a home for at least €500,000 entitles you and your dependents to an investment visa, commonly known as the Golden Visa.

Lower Taxes!

Sotogrande belongs to the Andalusian province of Cadiz, making Sotogrande an area of ultra-low taxation!


Sotogrande has a very low building density compared to neighbouring areas, thanks to an active planning policy to restrict over-development. You’ll discover fashionable apartments and colourful townhouses together with huge luxury villas.

Where to buy Sotogrande

The resort comprises three main areas – Sotogrande Alto, Sotogrande Bajo, and Sotogrande Marina.

Sotogrande Bajo

Sotogrande Bajo or Sotogrande Costa is an area of Sotogrande that borders the coastline and includes the Kings & Queens area. Large mansions on equally large plots of land are available here. The area has a Miami Beach vibe thanks to its avenues with green sidewalks and tall palm trees.

Sotogrande Alto

In this leafy suburb of Sotogrande, property owners here will enjoy impressive views at dawn and dusk. Sotogrande Alto is in the top left of Sotogrande and includes Zones C, D, E, F, and G. Sotogrande Alto sits on gently rolling green hills with fabulous views over the Atlantic coastline and Gibraltar. There are multiple gated estates within Sotogrande Alto, such as La Reserva.

Sotogrande Port & Marina

One of the most stunning jewels of Sotogrande is its marina. This area is excellent for those looking for a relaxed lifestyle day or night. Sotogrande Marina has a beautiful mix of boutique stores, bars and restaurants, delivering a perfect atmosphere of relaxed luxury. The port is also located here. Most homes include their own private moorings. The marina has 500 plus moorings housing a huge array of yachts.

Help finding your dream property in Sotogrande

We have access to a great range of properties in Sotogrande and can help you find your perfect property in this fantastic Spanish resort. Tell us about your Spanish property dreams?

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