Start your French Property Hunt

The French property market currently offers a lot for eager buyers. With a bit of planning and the right approach you’ll soon find your dream home in France.

The idea of buying property in France must begin with a comprehensive search of available possibilities. Our portal makes searching for what you want simple. Before clicking the “Search” button, jot down a list of things you absolutely cannot do without in your new foreign home. Also, write down deal breakers you do not want. Try to remain flexible when it comes to things like the size of the yard or precise location, but by all means, only look at options with enough bedrooms for your family.

Find a Trusted Property Agent

After identifying some potential properties during your search, the time to contact agents arrives. Tell them what you want, what you specifically do not want, but remain open-minded when it comes to alternative options. French property agents understand the local markets and know what is available for sale. As long as you find a reputable one, you can trust their advice about local transportation, amenities, attractions, and more. Enjoy top-quality service that gives more than you expect for the relatively high commissions they earn for property purchases.

Despite paying a premium for the help, however, always remember that property agents are only human. The homes you view may look different than their pictures did on the internet. The locations may not be the same either. You get a much better impression of the place when you actually take the trip to view the property.

Plan the Best Property Search Viewing Trip to France

Consider how far apart things are from each other when you create your France property search journey itinerary. If a specific city or town has not captured your attention, you may find yourself driving many kilometres from one place to another. A single property agent may not even cover all of them. Factor in not only transportation allowances but also enough time to properly view the home and surrounding neighbourhoods. The general rule of thumb states that you can see up to five properties a day as long as they are close enough together.

Visiting France provides a wonderful chance for a bit of vacation time, too. Stretch out your viewing trip by a day or two so you can explore, enjoy the atmosphere, dine in some of the best cafes and restaurants. And, maybe sample a bit of French wine in the evenings. If you want to purchase a property here and want to live there at least part of the time, it makes sense to learn how to act like a local. It makes sense to purchase the home near your new favourite bars, shops, or at least a transport station.

To make the property search journey as effective as possible, remember a tape measure, map, camera, and notepad. You definitely want to write out any important things to remember about each property. After seeing more than one in France, you may have trouble keeping them all straight in your mind.

Consider a Bilingual Property Agent

If you only know a bit of French, an agent with skills in both languages is practically necessary. By all means, try to communicate effectively, but do not worry about a few errors or switching to English when necessary. You will find that the vast majority of locals will welcome you either way.

The French property market currently offers a lot for eager buyers who want to explore international ownership. Negotiations are expected, and lower prices are available in many cases. As long as your property agent is truly knowledgeable and efficient, you will have no problem finding the perfect spot to call your very own. We can help you find your dream property, call us on +44 330 0575 990 or email

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