Tapada’ is a 7.8-hectare property that is part of the Type I Partial Protection Area (APPI) regime and, at the same time, a Specific Intervention Area for the Cultural and Heritage Enhancement of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra.
Next to the Capuchos Convent, in the heart of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, the property is distributed and classified by the following parcels:
* Housing (ruins) with an area of 0.003600 ha
* Pinhal Bravo with an area of 3.514700 ha
* Mixed forest with an area of 1.879200 ha
* Housing (ruins) with an area of 0.016200 ha
* Housing (ruins) with an area of 0.047000 ha
* Housing and agricultural dependences (ruins) with an area of 0.009200 ha
* Barren land with an area of 1.023600 ha
* Bush with an area of 1.202500 ha
* Paths with an area of 0.011200 ha
With an opinion issued by the ICNF (Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests), this entity admits by letter of 2017 the possibility of recovering the existing buildings in ruins, and that there will be no expansion of the gross construction and implantation areas and that the buildings to be recovered must be in the same location where they are currently located. There also cannot be any change in their implementation.
Namely, those with the following areas, 36 m2 + 162 m2 +470 m2 +92 m2, totaling 760 m2.

* Sea/lake view
* Mountain view

Property Features