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Languedoc Roussillon Property Guide and Information

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Languedoc Roussillon Property Guide and Information Languedoc Roussillon is particularly popular among international purchasers, notably the British. Buyers are drawn to the region because of its rich history, culture, perfect temperature and beauty, and good transportation links. A region of France called Languedoc-Roussillon is located in the southernmost part of

A Guide to Buying Property in Italy

Amalfi - Italy

A Guide to Buying Property in Italy Buying property in Italy is generally considered a safe investment. Italy is an attractive real estate market for capital appreciation and the opportunity for a lifestyle change. However, many often find the buying process confusing and complicated. The conveyancing process and rules in

€1 Euro Italian properties! How does it work?

Beautiful Italian Village

€1 Euro Italian Properties! How does it work? €1 Euro properties in Italy regularly steal the news headlines around the world. Yes, they are real and are usually run-down properties needing renovation. These properties are an increasingly popular solution for individuals looking for a renovation project following retirement or who

A Guide to Sotogrande – Pearl of Cadiz

Sotogrande Pearl of Cadiz

A Guide To Sotogrande – Pearl of Cadiz Created in the 1960’s Sotogrande has become one of the top upmarket residential resorts in Europe, if not the world. Sotogrande is the largest privately owned residential development in Andalusia, Spain. Originally a gated community, it’s located in the municipality of San